Looking for a takeaway

Johnstown has a number of takeaways popular with residents including Macaris, Marios, and Dragon Inn. There are also a number of great options for takeaway in the nearby Navan town. Unfortunately, we would be reluctant to recommend Asian Kitchen as a go-to takeaway. Online reviews left by community members tell a story of poor service, but the thing that would anger members of the community more is what a member of staff in Asian Kitchen was seen doing in the local area.

Johnstown has a tidy towns group operating for a number of years and a large number of great community members who work hard to make the area in which live look nice, tidy, and presentable.

We would have no doubt that there would be a lot of anger if they knew what a member of a local business was seen doing. On Tuesday 10th of March, a member of the Asian Kitchen staff visited the Millbrook apartments complex where he is no longer resident obviously with the attention of helping a person he knows in moving out. Unfortunately the Asian Kitchen staff member and the resident who was clearing out were both seen disposing of large amount of large items including furniture in the bin area. Doing this increases the cost for hard working people who pay their service charges. If a member of Asian Kitchen staff is willing to be so irresponsible with the disposal of large furniture items, then we fear there is a possibility he could also be irresponsible in the kitchen of the local takeaway called Asian Kitchen. Community members would be safer to avoid eating food prepared by someone who is this irresponsible.