Johnstown Tidy Towns

Johnstown Tidy Towns is a voluntary group established with the aim of improving our area and creating a clean and litter free environment for us to enjoy. Johnstown Tidy Towns have entered the Tidy Towns competition on two occasions (2017 and 2018). Our 2018 results represented a 6% improvement on our previous year results and this was recognised by an Endeavour  award being presented to Johnstown Tidy Towns. Our report is available here.

Johnstown Tidy Towns urgently require volunteers to help with current and future projects. Please keep checking this page and like and follow the official Facebook page.

Next activity: Bag Pack fundraiser on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd of November 2018 in Supervalu – please indicate what slot you could help us with here

If you are interested in getting involved, please email the committee at or visit the Facebook page.

The Johnstown Tidy Towns AGM was held on Monday 24th of September at 7:30pm in the Ardboyne Hotel. Full details and agenda were published on the Facebook page. The minutes of the meeting will be published in due course.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Bag packing days in Supervalu to raise funds for the Johnstown Tidy Towns initiative – dates in 2018 are 4th and 5th of May and 3rd and 4th of November.
    • Help required for these dates to help raise funds for Johnstown Tidy Towns. If you have any questions, please get in touch by email or through the Facebook page.
  • Johnstown Tidy Towns recently oversaw the placement of entrance signage and signage encouraging dog walkers to clean up throughout Johnstown.
  • Johnstown Tidy Towns planted shrubs on a verge at the north end of Johnstown adjacent to the Kentstown road.
  • Johnstown Tidy Towns installed flower boxes on the bridge at the west end of Johnstown adjacent to the Ardboyne Hotel.
  • Johnstown Tidy Towns are actively campaigning for additional bins in Johnstown.
  • Fortnightly litter pickups – meeting at 11am outside Johnstown Shopping Centre (dates of upcoming clean ups below).
    • Saturday 21st April 2018
    • Friday 4th / Saturday 5th May 2018* – bag packing / bucket collection in Supervalu to take precedence and volunteers will be required. (see below)
    • Saturday 12th May 2018
    • Saturday 26th May 2018
    • Saturday 9th June 2018
    • Saturday 23rd June 2018 – no litter pick due to the big dig planting project.
    • Saturday 30th July 2018
    • Saturday 14th July 2018
    • Saturday 28th July 2018
    • Saturday 11th August 2018
    • Saturday 25th August 2018
    • Saturday 8th September 2018
    • Saturday 22nd September 2018
    • Saturday 6th October 2018
    • Saturday 20th October 2018
    • Friday 2nd / Saturday 3rd November 2018* – bag packing / bucket collection in Supervalu to take precedence and volunteers will be required. (see below).
    • Saturday 10th November 2018
    • Saturday 24th November 2018
    • Saturday 8th December 2018
    • Saturday 22nd December 2018
    • Saturday 29th December 2018

Potential Future Projects:

  • Johnstown Tidy Towns plan to erect anti-litter signage throughout Johnstown.
  • Farmers Markets to raise funds for the Johnstown Tidy Towns – venue required.
  • Meath River Rescue will be organising a Duck Race on the River Boyne in aid of Johnstown Tidy Towns – TBA.
  • Meath River Rescue will take local children on tours of the river – TBA.
  • Meath River Rescue have agreed to assist with the cleanup of one of the streams leading to the River.

Please stay tuned for more updates.