Bailis Downs

Bailis Downs Residents Association

Who are we:

We are volunteer Residents who’s aims are to protect and improve conditions and amenities in the Estate for the benefit of those living in Bailis Downs. We act for the benefit of everyone regardless of whether you own, rent, pay mortgage or temporarily reside here since it’s our environment to take care of.

Our purpose:

Everyone can and should participate. All are unpaid volunteers who have come forward to offer up their time to look after Bailis Downs. The Committee are formally elected each year at the AGM to represent our Estate and every resident has an equal say. The 2016 volunteers are your neighbours who you should already know so get in touch with them if there’s something we can help with or if you’ve suggestions.

Your representatives:

The formal positions representing our Estate with Meath County Council:
Chairperson:      Robin Marshall
Secretary:         Darren Mulligan
Treasurer:          Shanna O’Neill
There are over a dozen active Street Reps this year, and again you’ll know them as your neighbours.
How to get in touch: