Looking for a trades man – here is some advice

For home owners, landlords, or businesses who might require a trades man to complete certain work on-site, it is very important the right person is selected for the job. With so many to choose from, this can sometimes be a difficult task. It is hoped this article will help community members to make the right choice.

It has become known that a private group known as Trusted Trades have trades men operating in Johnstown. Access to trades men within the Trusted Trades group is through an individual person’s mobile number. There appears to be no transparency and little chance for any customer to complete any form of due diligence before engaging this trades man to complete work at their premises. Recently members of the Johnstown Community were harassed by a member of the Trusted Trades group when they were subjected to vile insults and unwanted sexual advances. One of these Trusted Trades members is Weathersafe Roofing Ltd.  It would be strongly advised to look at other roofing companies.

A better option when searching for a trades man would be to search the website of The National Guild of Master Craftsmen in Ireland. This website provides transparent access to trades men through an open database. This allows customers the freedom to select the trades man that is best suited to the work they need done. The customer can make an informed choice and feel confident and safe with their chosen trades man.